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Gamified Approach

for clinical trials content for a global contract research organization

My Role

UX and Visual designer from solution team

The characters were created by other team member



The Problem

  • Clinical trials involve serious concerns like safety and consent. The client was facing issues with getting the employees trained on these aspects.

  • The current solution required employees to go through some documents. This was not working well as the employees lacked interest and were not able to retain the knowledge.


Clinical Trials is a sensitive area and if not done correctly it will impact the lives of people, the clinical investigator, and cost businesses money and reputation. The client wanted to train their employees on these aspects and show the seriousness of the content but wanted to add the layer of interest as well. 

We discussed about the possibilities and client needs to provide a solution that:

  • Provided learners with all knowledge required to conduct a clinical trial

  • Apply a learn by doing methodology to the content so learners do not feel they are conducting a trial for the first time

  • Keep it interesting for the leaners so they complete the training and retain knowledge as well


The current solution for training the employees was via some PDF documents and handbooks. There was a lot of detail in these documents that was overwhelming for the learners. The data was of importance and learners needed to refer it time to time while performing the tasks in their job.  

Design Solution

After analyzing the current situation, Gamification of the content appeared as a solution:

Gamification will:

  • Enable leaners to get involved by providing them a story to follow

  • Increase engagement

  • Improve knowledge retention by enabling them to apply their knowledge on a series of tasks to be performed in the game

We faced with a challenge on effort and cost of the solution. So we removed the fluff around the solution by removing some game elements, leaderboard and points system. However we maintained the 3 key elements of gamification:

  • Story - this meant learners will still play the role of a clinical investigator and follow the story based approach

  • Simulation - Provide them the simulated approach of trying out the tasks in a controlled environment 

  • Look and Feel - the look and feel of the solution will be gamified style to increase user engagement with the content


Audio Interaction to Simulate Interview

Instead of a typical screen with a multiple choice question, a Interview screen was designed wherelearners could ask actual questions based on the case files of that individual.


UI Element

Hidden navigation was designed to immerse learners in the overall experience of completing tasks. The visuals were styled to show gamified look


  • The story based approach, with simulation of interviews enabled learners to retain knowledge required for their job

  • The hidden navigation enabled learners to focus on going through the course with complete focus

  • The unique gamified look and approach was welcomed by the learners and more leaners completed the course

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