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Case Study in Learning Format

The Problem

One of the technical solutions providers wanted to support their sales team by showcasing their recent wins and the strategies used. 

My Role

As part of Solution Team, I worked on this project as a UX and Visual designer in the initial stages to provide a solution in the form of a prototype. Once we received the project it was passed on to the development for implementation.



 Current Situation 


Present solution as a training module and completion should be trackable


One Page Layout – each case study is shown as one page with knowledge check questions at the end

Learners have to go through different documents & long data
Data retention was difficult for learners
Lack of one location to review different case studies 



  • Reduced cognitive load for learners by relating the user experience to scrolling a document 

  • Clear information at the start about the duration and topics coming up

  • The individual/team that won the project was introduced at the start. This way learners could easily relate with the case study and improved knowledge retention

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