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 Scalable Learning Design 

For a major American restaurant chain

My Role

UX and Visual designer from solution team



The Problem

A major American restaurant chain was looking for training their employees worldwide on quality and best practices. The requirement details included:

  • Role based content personalization for every employee

  • Massive content conversion in learning format under a limited timeline

  • Translation support for all content

  • Aesthetically pleasing design


Tight timeline with high quality impact 


  • Design a scalable solution 

  • Include translation and localization of the content

  • Look and feel to be more personalized for the client and not follow the typical eLearning design

Design Solution

  • HTML and template based design to enable faster development

  • HTML design enables faster translation of the content

  • Localization was planned as next phase to achieve the timeline constraint

  • Interactive content to keep learner engagement

  • Roles were denoted as color themes and the role badge on screen



  • Revenue – Winning this project was a great revenue benefit (Million Dollar + ) for the organization

  • Growth – 15+ team members were hired to develop these modules

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