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ll Shanti ll

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

ll Shanti ll

Beep beep…beep beep..her hand automatically pulled the source from beneath the pillow and pressed snooze making her sink into the pleasant darkness again. The mind has this amazing ability that it can make you do some things without really letting you know that you did it. After what seemed a second she could feel some kind of familiar sound. She couldn’t really concentrate coz her mind was completely ignoring it. But it was becoming louder and louder gradually and finally it penetrated her sleep. Today the mind was so tired it had not even created those amazing works of dreams to entertain her. She so loved to trace back to those pieces of creativeness that her own mind created when she was asleep and hated when sometimes it just decided not to come up with any idea. She switched the alarm off and thought what a great film it was, the perfect cinematography. I have to watch it again today. She was still pondering over the images from film when everything dissolved in the darkness and it was calm again. Unexpectedly her eyes opened with a start and she raced along her house as the bus would be there in no time. Tired from yesterdays late night research and information overload, that mind of hers was begging for some rest and peace now. She walked along the familiar road to the bus stop pondering over her yesterdays work. Oh come on it said I want to switch off for some time please. She breathed in the fresh morning air and could feel that yes peace is coming along my way now. She thought I have to finish that piece today itself; otherwise the pile is going to sum up. Tch Tch came a voice, could you stop please? Frowning she said Okay and boarded the bus. Sitting besides the window she could feel the tension thickening.

Suddenly she smiled and even it understood what she meant. Reaching for her bag she pulled out her Ipod; plugged in the headphones and selected the genius’s ‘Paper planes’ and closed her eyes thus closing the doors to this world and entering that magical peace. When she opened her eyes and got down, the mind winked at her and said – let’s go for it!

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