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Art, Artists and Art Lovers

Look at my latest photograph, isn’t that a beauty?

She squinted at the laptop. Sure enough! It reflected his love for nature, but the more she stared the more she could feel his command over his new digital camera and the photo editing tools. She couldn’t stop wondering how many filters he had applied to reach this.

“What were you thinking when you clicked this?” she blurted out.

“What do you mean what was I thinking, don’t you like it! I have got tons of likes on FB for this ma!”

“Yeah, but what was the thought behind it? There has to be something, What is it?”

He frowned. It’s weird to be a son of an artist he thought. Why can’t she just appreciate something that looks so good. Like at the time when I was in college. She appreciated my tiniest creation. Why not now.

Staring at his empty face for a while, she started thinking about the days, when after coming back from an ‘outdoor’ he would show her his sketches, those lines, wherein she could connect to his feeling about the landscape. Those compositions which he described in a flair, with such detail. The connection almost seemed to disappear now, and the sound discussions on art were long buried under the growing pile of hollow comments. The overall idea of having fun in creating a piece of art seemed to surrender under the pressure of gaining ever mounting likes in the virtual world.

Her thoughts melted with the sound – ding. And, he had already started replying to the new comment he received.

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