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Failure is success if we learn from it.

- Malcolm S. Forbes

Card Style UI

Created this design as a initiative for eLearning UI design

What I Learned

All the work you do might not make it big, but the little elements keep new ideas fresh in your mind which can find a way of manifesting elswhere. Though this design could not make it to the implementation stage, I was able to use the onboarding design for another project.

Game Design

The objective of this learning game is to improve the multiple-choice questions experience. The learner should answer 20 questions in 4 minutes. The question will be an audio question and the options may include text or images.

What I Learned

While the overall visual design was appreciated by the learners, the usability needed significant improvement. Learners were confused with the visuals/text options against the audio questions.

Early prototyping the wireframes and reiterating that phase till the appropriate solution is reached will save a lot of time in the later development phases.

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