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Spirited Away

I watched this movie and once again the world of fantasy lured me. What is more inviting than watching a fantasy film and getting to travel in a world full of magic, enchantments, and spirits? There is an inexplicable attraction for fantasy that I have. My friend asked me to watch this movie, a great film by Hayayo Miazaki and I was surprised by the way the story runs through with such a great speed that I thought the movie got over so soon. There was a series of bad films that I was viewing; I mean all that I expected to be good turned the other way round. And then I got to watch this movie, which was wonderful experience. As Miyazaki describes it; ‘it’s a film for 10 year olds and for adults who were once 10 year old’. The adventure of Chihiro, the scary little girl who accidently enters a world full of spirits is worth viewing.

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