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Lalbaug Parel

Can’t believe I had nearly missed this beautiful film. I saw it a week ago and still the characters, the mood, the drama; everything is fresh in my mind. I am still thinking on it. Isn’t this the very success any filmmaker would aspire for, that his audiences keep the film in mind for a long period? The movie left me restless; I remember I could not remove from my mind any of those characters, their trauma, those perfect scenes. It seems all artists have really worked hard to make this film, and yes the film is certainly a creation one should not miss. The script is perfect, it has a strong structure in the way the movie progresses.

Film is a powerful medium of communication and this one has made 100% utilization of it. Though the film has a commercial aspect it also gives a message. Based on a true story, this film touched me deeply.

Nothing in the film is out of place, even the characters are shown just for the time frame they should be on screen, none of the characters dominate the movie, you remember every character regardless of the time they show up on screen. Sometimes you like an actor from a film, or a script of some film, but here I liked everything about the film. Just didnt like Siddharth Jadhav’s hairstyle in the last scene of the movie 🙂 (doesnt seem real) otherwise everything else was so real that I found myself comepletly involved in what was happening in the film.

Watching a creation by artists who have put in the best efforts is really a pleasant feeling. I enjyoed that while watching Lalbaug Parel 🙂

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