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We all want to have the best ideas for ourselves, and be the first ones to use some great style. I have seen myself becoming rather too conscious about this with time. There is and was always a mechanism running somewhere at the back of my mind for this. I have been striving for that ‘perfect idea’ to light in my mind. It’s just that I should let this thinking happen in a proper process and make sure I don’t miss out on any terms. In fact, I had started considering this creative thinking as something that is genuine only for a few people, who can come up with the greatest ideas just easily. 🙂 But it delights me to say now, after reading a few interviews that the creative thinking is a process and that we all have to work equally hard and be equally observant to be creative individuals. It’s just that we should be observant, think endlessly, and most importantly doodle even the ones those seem of no use. Coz, it is such ideas that open doors to other ideas. I never really considered the importance of doodles, but it is now proving to be quite helpful to me. Also, it is good to keep a sketchbook handy always, and just scribble down those impressive thoughts, as it is quite natural to loose them with time. This practice also helped me to build confidence in doodling which I was not so good at. I would like to mention an example of Edgar degas, he also carried his notebooks wherever he traveled, and made notes and sketches in it. It is truly a great practice as we can refer to these in future. Sometimes after seeing an execution of some idea by someone, we feel that ‘oh, this was so simple, it had even occurred to me’. The difference is that we let the idea evaporate away. So, henceforth I am going to try to trap all the ideas that are coming up in my mind. 🙂

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