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Compelled by Curiosity

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Wear the curious attitude and you will see how easy it is to hit the ‘right’ idea. I know it’s not a very astounding or innovative discovery that I have made; but yes, this really has helped me. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where it’s so strange that we always want to have some or other entertainment revolving around us. I have started facing this even more lately; coz if I have a free time of say 5 min, I want to utilize it by at least listening to music or using the time in trying to know something new. Why is it that we want to bury so much in all of this? Maybe because, there is such great work happening all around us and now that we have access to all corners of world, its becoming really difficult to handle the feeling of trying to know about or seeing the work of other artists. Sometimes I think when will I be able to watch all of those great cinemas, or hear all the best music created, or see all of those stunning sculptures. I wish I had something like Hermione granger had to go back in time and not miss such works of art. I was watching a website of Monet’s paintings and I was so glad that I got to see so many of his beautiful paintings which were otherwise not possible. It feels good to explore everything that comes along, just follow one thread that leads you to yet another huge creation. I don’t yet have a solution for this feeling; rather I am not sure if I want to arrive to a solution. Coz yes, I am definitely enjoying this feeling 😉 and would love to be in it.

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