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A day without the sun

Yesterday was the Arbhaat short film clubs screening; and this was one of the short films screened.

It’s just another day in the life of an unnamed man, wherein the director takes us through the city via the eyes of this lonely man. It is filled with bitter sweet events that play with the perfect bitter sweet music!

The movie is made in 1859 in Poland and still it completely relates to us even today. There could be so much to write about this movie, from its subject to the technical beauties of it; but I would just suffice to say that, man’s search for happiness is such an omnipresent and dark theme. The word city brings a visual full of colour and jazz, with a detailed outline of the golden weaves; though the bitter truth is that people are becoming more and more hungry for happiness; and we just seem to be missing out this stain from our dreams of the Big City!!

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